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Somerset New Year Chess Congress

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Five Round Seeded Swiss Tournaments

GRADED TOURNAMENTS: ECF members (silver & above) Entry Fee £35 Bronze members of ECF & non-members, add £7.50 

MAJOR (For grades under 175)

INTERMEDIATE (For grades under 145)

MINOR (For grades under 120)

PRIZES will be awarded according to the number of entries. Ungraded players may receive only 50% of the prize money.


Round 1: Saturday 0930

Round 2: Saturday 1400

Round 3: Saturday 1830

Round 4: Sunday 1000

Round 5: Sunday 1430

DEFAULT & REPAIRING: 30 mins after the scheduled start times.

RATE OF PLAY: 36 moves in 90 mins, plus 15 minute quick play finish.

BYES: Except for round 5, players may request one half point bye.

An entry form can be downloaded from the ECF website.


Rebecca or Colin Gardiner

Telephone: 01209 217210

(calls before 9pm please)

[email protected]

Congress Rules

It is a condition of entry that players agree to abide by the following Congress rules.

1.  The organisers reserve the right, without giving a reason, to transfer or refuse an entry.

2.  All fees must be paid before play starts. Late Entries at the venue are at the discretion of the organisers; please phone first to check availability of places.

3.  ECF Standard play Grading Lists (July 2019) will be used to determine tournament and seeding.

4.  Conversions from other rating systems and estimates for un-graded players will be decided by the organisers.

5.  Seeded Swiss pairings will be made by Controllers using ECF rules or computer programs based on ECF or comparable rules. Pairings between members of the same family or club etc. will be avoided, if possible, at the sole discretion of the Controller.

6.  Move rate is 36 moves in 90 minutes per player. After black’s 36th move both clocks will be put back 15 minutes and all subsequent moves must be completed within the remaining time observing ECF quickplay finish rules. (FIDE Law of Chess Appendix G excluding G4

7.  Players arriving more than 30 minutes late for a round may be deemed to have lost by default unless the Controller can re-pair them satisfactorily. Players present whose opponents have not arrived must expect to be re-paired 30 minutes after the start of the round, where possible.

8.  If a player qualifies for more than one cash prize, he shall be paid the higher amount and the Congress Director will decide how most fairly any balance shall be re-distributed. 

9.  Congress equipment may not be removed from the playing or analysis areas.

10.  Smoking is not permitted inside the hotel.

11.  Mobiles and PDA’s must be switched off. Failure to do so, or if it makes a sound, will result in the loss of the game.

12.  Players agree to abide by the decisions of the Controllers and accept that in all matters relating to the Congress the decisions of the organisers are final.

13.  Any photographs taken at the event may be used for publicity purposes. If any entrant objects to this, they must inform the Congress Organiser.

14.  Players’ details will be held electronically for the purposes of administering and marketing Somerset New Year Chess Congresses; their entries will be published on the congress website; and congress games and results will be made available to the English Chess Federation (ECF) for grading purposes and may be published online. Players not wishing to have their details published on the ECF Website should contact the ECF Office directly.

All personal entry information is required for either player identification or communication purposes and will be either safely removed if no longer required or securely retained for the purpose of this and future Somerset New Year congresses only. 

We will not share your details with third parties other than the ECF.

Please advise the organisers if you wish to opt out of any of the above.